Learning and Serving Beyond the College Classroom

by Dr. Sonia S. Werner; Multiple Speakers; Rachel Glenn

Type of Event: Theta Alpha Program

Date Recorded: October 21, 2006

Location: Bryn Athyn Heilman Hall

Topics: Academy

Groups: Charter Day, Theta Alpha Programs

Theta Alpha International Program
CD Tracks:
1-Business Meeting: President Rachel Glenn & Kira Schadegg 23:12
2-Program: Mistress of Ceremonies- Lisa Knight, Introductions by Dr. Sonia Werner, Director of Bryn Athyn College's Internship Program 5:27
3-Guest Speaker: Bess Hultgren 9:02
4-Guest Speaker: Abby Echols 7:08
5-Guest Speaker: Annika Fitzpatrick & Lisa Knight's closing remarks 12:03


# Title Length
1 Business Meeting 23m 06s download
2 Program 05m 26s download
3 Speaker 09m 00s download
4 Speaker: 07m 06s download
5 Speaker 12m 00s download
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Lessons and text

Lessons: Matthew 25 parts; Arcana Coelestia 10331

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