Live Your Best Life: Recognizing and Using Your God Given Gifts

by Anna Woofenden

Type of Event: Workshop

Date Recorded: June 06, 2005

Location: Bryn Athyn Cairnwood Estate

Groups: General Assembly 2005

Do you want to serve God and serve others but you feel stuck, un-confident, discouraged or confused? Do you want to find the things that make you jump out of bed in the morning, your heart singing? Explore the idea that the Lord created you for a purpose and a mission and that He is going to help you in discovering it! Discover how our life experience, our painful times, our unique abilities, and our loves can all come together to serve God and serve others. Explore with others the breadth of ways that we can serve the Lord and serve each other and be inspired, encouraged and empowered to go forward and give and serve with joy!
CD Description:
1-Introduction 4:07
2-Meditation 10:13
3-Various Processes 20:08
4-Talk & Closing Prayer 32:22


# Title Length
1 Introduction 04m 06s download
2 Meditation 10m 11s download
3 Various Processes 20m 03s download
4 Talk & Closing Prayer 32m 14s download
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