Life from Our Perspectives (Theta Alpha Program)

by Sarah Headsten; Multiple Speakers; Ruth Zuber

Type of Event: Talk

Date Recorded: June 06, 1987

Location: Bryn Athyn, PA

Groups: Theta Alpha Programs

Held during the Assembly. Theme: Life from Our Perspectives. Introduction: Sarah Headsten. Speakers: Mary Jane Junge-The Open Door. Ruth Zuber-At the Present Time. Bruna Stevens-Journey of a Lifetime. Note: Introduction and first talk re-recorded at a later date. 51 minutes total.


# Title Length
1 Life from Our Perspectives - full program 53m 43s download
2 Part 1 - Mary Jane Junge 13m 42s download
3 Part 2 - John and Lori Odhner sing 05m 39s download
4 Part 3 - Ruth Zuber 15m 39s download
5 Part 4 - Bruna Stevens 18m 53s download
6 Bonus track - Ruth Zuber laughs 02m 34s download
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