Morning Worship Service at Laurel

by Rev. William H Burke; Rev. Mark R. Carlson; Rev. Eric H. Carswell; Rt. Rev. Thomas L. Kline; Rev. Kenneth O. Stroh

Type of Event: Worship Service: Informal Family

Date Recorded: August 24, 1981

Location: Laurel Leaf, PA

Groups: Laurel Talks

Worship services for adults. Session Theme: Friendship. Six Morning Worship Services: 1-Rev. William H. Burke, 8/24/81, 17 mins. 2-Rev. Mark R. Carlson, 8/25/81, 13 mins. 3-Rev. Thomas L. Kline, 8/26/81, 16 mins. 4-Rev. Kenneth O. Stroh, 8/27/81, 11 mins. 5-Rev. Eric H. Carswell, 8/28/81, 8 mins. 6-Rev. Mark R. Carlson, 8/29/81, 24 mins.


# Title Length
1 Laurel Worship service - Bill Burke 18m 04s download
2 Laurel Worship service, 8-25-81 - Mark Carlson 14m 23s download
3 Laurel Worship Service - Tom Kline 16m 10s download
4 Laurel Worship Service - Kenneth Stroh 11m 02s download
5 Laurel Worship Service - Eric Carswell 09m 05s download
6 Laurel Worship service, 8-29-81 - Mark Carlson 26m 57s download
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